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Log Pods in Business – The benefits of adding Log Pods to your Site or Business

The main reason that any of our customers look to add Log Pods to their site or business is first and foremost to make money! however there are a number of other major benefits which may be less obvious.

Whether you have a Campsite, Fishery, Outdoor Activity Centre etc, you will undoubtedly be competing in a large market sector where raising your sites profile may be extremely difficult and costly. For example your website may be competing with several thousand other sites for the attention of the paying customers. By adding a facilities such as Log Pods your website will start to show far more highly with searches such as Glamping, Glamorous Camping, Camping Huts, Camping Pods etc. on Google and Yahoo.

The popular campsite directories such as, and all have separate sections listing Pod and Glamping sites so you can benefit from this additional exposure.

Many guests that stay in Log Pods have made it clear that they would never previously have considered camping or night-fishing in luxury, but with the ever increasing number of articles in the press and particularly lifestyle magazines about products such as ours, the market for "Glamping", and short-term breaks associated with it is continuing to increase dramatically.
The fact that a Log Pod is an all-year-round product has also seen many of our customers sites become extremely busy – even in the middle of winter.



We often get the question ‘What can I expect to earn from a Log Pod?’ quite honestly it is not an easy question to answer as there are a lot of factors that will influence the revenue you could expect from a Log Pod, the two key factors in determining your return on investment will be your occupancy rates i.e the number of nights you can book out you Log Pod and what you charge per night. 

In general from experience and feedback from our customers, charges range from between £45 and £140 per night to stay in a Log Pod, based on 2 guests. The cost per night you can realistically charge is dependant largely on your location, the amenities you offer & of course in some locations, the time of year, the table below shows the possible revenue based on one of our standard Log Pods.

Based on the above charges and the cost of the Family Log Pod of £8490*, you could recover your outlay in a little as 142 nights.

It is a fact that our High Spec Premium Log Pods command a much higher nightly rate, for example our Grande Max Plus with En-Suite bathroom is charged out at £140 per night by one of our customers and is currently fully booked, the table below shows the same as above but with the nightly charge increased to reflect a higher spec Log Pod.

Additional Revenues

The per night figures above are based on a nightly charge per Log Pod, some of our customers charge just for the Log Pod no matter how many people are in it, others include two guests within the charge and make an additional charge for extra adults, children, dogs etc. it just depends on how you run your business. 

An extra steam of revenue growing in popularity is adding a private Hot Tub to the outside of the Log Pod, our new range of self contained Hot Tubs offers a wide choice of styles and sizes that can be included in your increased nightly charge or offered as an option and charged for separately.

It should also be remembered that Log Pods can be used throughout the year – not just the summer season, based on our own experience at our own campsite ‘Bryncoch Farm’  we do see the number of weekday guests reduce over the winter period but our bookings for the weekends remain almost full, even in the Welsh snow!

It can be seen from the above and has been demonstrated by our customers, the cost of a Log Pod can be recouped in less than a season and with our recommend routine maintenance our Log Pods can last for years and years giving you and your business a long lasting stream of revenue and profit.

Finance for your Log Pod with Payments Plans

Do you want a Log Pod but your budgets are tight ? Have the Log Pod of your choice, not the Pod you can only afford.

Why finance ? In an industry where competition is high, offering improved facilities or a unique experience is key to a business’s success, however these new initiatives usually mean new equipment and that requires investment, by financing your business can make a start or expand much quicker than it would if you had to save up to make your purchase.

What are the benefits of finance ?

  • Up to 100% finance so that could mean 0% outlay to start or expand your business
  • Frees up cash so it can be used for other purposes
  • Potential tax advantages when leasing equipment *
  • Fixed costs allow you to budget more accurately for the long term
  • By financing your investment in Log Pods, profit can be paid from day one without any large upfront costs

Specialist in Business Finance for the Leisure Industry

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We like to visit all our customers to get to know and understand their business and deliver the best service

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" Our Reputation is Our Accreditation "

LDF over the years have helped many of our customers finance their business and they offer
plans that allow you to pay for your Log Pods over 1-5 years.
For further information on equipment finance and how it can benefit your business, please contact
Nick Carlton at LDF on 01244 527 300 or via email at
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A Log Pod is an investment you will not regret! 

*finance costs and availability are subject to status  – Finance is not supplied or arranged by The Log Pod Ltd. – All tax matters should be discussed with your accountant or a qualified tax advisor – Nightly charges are examples and will depend on location and site amenities etc.