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Log Pod Options and Accessories

Premium Log Pod Roofing Colour Options
Now installed as standard on our Premium range, the Metrotile Shingle textured-finish tile captures the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional shingles.

With its exceptional durability, a Metrotile Shingle roof offers superior performance and comes in a choice of natural weathered tones to recreate the visual appeal of timber, asphalt or fired-clay shingles. Metrotile roofing is also guaranteed for 40 years.

SureHeat Low Voltage Under Floor Heating
Our fully insulated Log Pods already offer unsurpassed protection against the weather but if you are planning on all year round occupancy then some locations may benefit from some additional heat, safe and economical to run and fully controllable via the included thermostat.

You can see from the thermal heat image on the left just how well this system works and takes up no space at all.

Available as an option that can be installed by our selves during construction of your Log Pod but can also be supplied as a kit for self installation in our range of flat pack kits or for retro fitting to any existing Log Pod.



Self Contained Kitchenette Option
Add more convenience and practicality to your Pods with our purpose built kitchenette units, available in a wide range of styles, sizes and with options including work surface top only, sink & drainer unit, double ceramic hob, built-in microwave and full size fridge.

Sink versions can be installed for hot and cold water or just cold water.

Supplied as standard with our Grande Max Plus model these units are also suitable for factory installation in our other models and can also be retro fitted to existing Camping Pods.


Bed and Table Fitment
Attractive and versatile, our matching bed and table fitment is available with free fitting, if ordered at the same time as your Pod or it can be ordered as a kit for self installation.

Easily converts from a daytime dining table that comfortably seats four adults into a generous double bed by night, whilst still leaving you lots of room for additional sleeping spaces in the main living area.

Folding Futon Bed
Ideal for open plan units these quality folding Futons serve as seating during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

Available as a single or double, made in the UK and easy to clean.

Great to have around for customers that have extra guests or visitors that need to stay the night.

Flatpack Camping Kit Options and Accessories

Oil Stain Colour Options
Our flat pack kits are now available with a choice of both oil stain colours and roofing shingle colours so you can make sure your Glamping units blend right in and enhance the look of your site.

Each kit is supplied with ample to treat the unit at least once and additional treatments can be ordered for routine maintenance.