Log Pods The History

Log Pods…. The History

What is a Log Pod ?
Pods were originally designed for campers that didn’t want to purchase and transport camping gear, then go through all of the hassle of ‘pitching up’ so the idea of some sort of permanent or semi permanent camping structure was struck upon and it soon caught on, this idea was even more appealing to people who wanted to try camping or just wanted to get away for the weekend without the hard work.

Camping Pods in general have been described as many things over the years and quite commonly have been referred to as ‘timber tents’, this is probably quite an apt description of the early models however as Glamping has become more popular and the demand for even more comfort and facilities has increase, our modern Log Pods are quite simply called ‘luxury camping accommodation’

One of our priorities was to design something that could not only increase the site revenue by offering something different and convenient but also, as we are based in Wales, something that could extend the traditional camping season, so our Log Pods are as welcoming in the cold of winter as they are in the heat of summer, and unlike any tent, our Log Pods have been designed to have a lifespan of around 25 years, assuming of course they receive at least basic amount of routine maintenance.

Although Log Pods can be purchased by members of the public for use as garden offices or extra accommodation, they were designed and are primarily aimed at businesses in the Leisure industry for use on campsites, fishing lakes and other similar environments where accommodation was required for customers, our Premium range of Log Pods are fully mobile so they can be situated almost anywhere, and on almost any terrain.

In recent times we have supplied Log Pods to customers in the following areas:-

Campsites  Youth Camps Outdoor Activity Centres
Fisheries / Fishing Lodges Nature Reserves as Hides Retreats & Meditation Centres
Equestrian Centres Woodland Management Pubs & Country House Hotels

The original Log Pod
The 2011 Log Pod was the result of three years of development work and prototyping. Glamping was a term that was becoming popular, tents and yurts already set up for customers were becoming very popular but our goal was to design and build a camping hut that offered true luxury camping and that had several key features including – 

Mobility – In order to move it around site and off-pitch whenever necessary.

All year round Usability – To maximise revenues by extending the season beyond the normal camping months and by also increasing the usability during bad weather.

Ease of maintenance – Again to maximise revenues, we all have better things to do and also a Pod that’s out of service for a long time doesn’t bring in any income.

Looks – More in keeping with the natural surroundings not only to please the customers but to help camp site owners in sensitive locations such as the National Parks.

In achieving these goals, the Log Pod was born!

Since the original Log Pod (which is still going strong on our campsite) there have been a number of significant improvements to the design and build with new models that even incorporate en-suite bathrooms and separate bedrooms, a far cry from a sleeping bag on the floor.

2014 – The Gothic Pod
It’s fair to say that many people looking at Camping Huts or Pods tend to think of an "arched" shape, hence our development of the  Log Pod Arch named the "Gothic Pod".

In meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, the new Gothic Pod combined smooth curves and natural beauty along with all the quality and practicality that  was expected from the original Log Pods. This shape was developed not only to improve the looks but it also had other advantages, some of  the most popular changes was the increased internal head room, larger internal floor space and the more user friendly porch area.

Raising the standard of Camping Pods – Other major improvements to the range included

  • More pleasing new arch shape
  • Fully mobile with additional axle
  • Redwood timber interior
  • Larger usable internal space
  • 4′ deep porch
  • Fire escape rear window
  • Nail-less exterior cladding
  • Wheelchair accessible

Camping Pod Kits 
We had been continually asked about Log Pods suitable for use at home and for on sites that did not require all year round use so in 2014 we introduced our Log Pods in kit form.
Flat packed and delivered direct to your door, all major panels were pre-assembled for you and they were supplied complete with the door and window so you didn’t have to buy any additional parts.
Self assembly was relatively straight forward and we also offered an on-site assembly service by our skilled installation team. These Camping Pod Kits could be installed on sites and pitches that would otherwise be hard to reach with a vehicle and HIAB etc. and of course were more cost effective than our standard pre-built Log Pods.

Built from the same materials and to the same high quality standards as our pre-assembled Log Pods our new Camping Pod Kits were ideal for use on Camp Sites, Fisheries and Woodlands but they also offered alternative accommodation in Pubs, B & B’s and Hotels or even home owners for use as a Summerhouse, spare bedroom or even an office in your own garden at home.

These kits have now been replaced by our self assembly flat pack Pods and cabins.

Now & the Future – The Log Pod premium Range
Our Log Pods have come on a long way over the past few years but yet we are still striving to make improvements to what we believe is the ultimate in luxury camping accommodation, en-suite bathrooms, separate bedrooms, built in kitchenettes, maintenance free roofing system (with 40 year guarantee) low voltage under floor heating these are just a few of the new features of some of our new models.

Our new range of self assembly Camping Pods, Cabins and Barrel Pods are a great and cost effective way to start your very own ‘Glamping Site’ or to upgrade an existing site, available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, these kits can be assembled in just a day by two people with basic DIY skills and no specialist tools are required. 

To see the full range just click the button below to download our full colour brochure.

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In these days of increased ecological awareness, the Log Pod also stands proud, almost every component of our Log Pods are either bio-degradable or recyclable.